Espuña will install a large meat plant in Mezquita de Jarque

The Catalan group will be made with 3.6 hectares of the polygon of this small town. The initial investment is 1.6 million but could be higher in the future

The meat company Esteban Espuña, based in Olot (Girona), will install a large production center in the small town of Teruel de Mezquita de Jarque, with 129 inhabitants. This was announced yesterday by its mayor, Herminio Sancho, during the visit of the Aragonese presidential advisor, Vicente Guillén, to the industrial estate of this municipality, located 17 kilometers from Utrillas, where the Catalan group already has a plant dedicated to slicing and packaging Of cured ham.

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The mayor of Mezquita, Herminio Sancho (left), and the presidential advisor, Vicente Guillén

Espuña paralyzed five years ago the construction in Mezquita of a ham dryer as a result of the crisis, but now has taken up the project with strength and everything points to it will be more ambitious than anticipated its moment. Specifically, according to Sancho, the company will acquire a plot of 3.6 hectares in the polygon of this town, which has a total of 4.3 hectares.

The mayor did not specify what the industrial initiative will consist of. In 2010, the company estimated the creation of a score of jobs, but the figure could be much higher considering the size of the land of the operation. In this sense, Sancho has indicated that the initial investment is 1.6 million euros, but suggested that the economic amount will be greater in the long term. Nor did it specify the number of jobs waiting for the company to announce its plans next February.

“The implementation of Espuña guarantees the commitment to the agri-food sector of Teruel, a key sector to deal with the crisis and depopulation and provide an alternative to mining,” said the mayor in statements to this newspaper. In his opinion, the project also ensures the continuity of the plant of the group in Utrillas. The installation of Espuña was considered in its day to compensate Mezquita for the damages that suppose to host to its term an electrical substation of REE, one of the majors of the country.

Precisely, the polygon of Mezquita (promoted 5 years ago) is being conditioned to provide water and light to the different ships and thus facilitate the arrival of new companies. In this line, the Government of Aragon will contribute 100,000 euros for these improvements through the Investment Fund of Teruel (Fite). During the ceremony, Guillén defended that “the small municipalities should be provided with the necessary infrastructures to ensure, first, their survival” and, secondly, “to have the same possibilities of standard of living and services as the inhabitants Of the cities with more demography “.