The market of the branch enhances the most agri-food sector

In this year’s edition, from 18 to 20 March, we want to give more importance to products of proximity and food orgien

The exhibition center El Sucre will be the space dedicated to livestock, with contests and exhibitions

Without giving up a millimeter in the livestock slope – raised during the last editions -, the Mercat del Ram de Vic of this year opens in a more unpleasant way to the agri-food sector. This is confirmed by two of the main novelties: the Espai Terra and kitchen, selling and tasting products of proximity (before Buying in the field), and The country house, origin of food, a space designed to spread the rural world Among the family audience. At the Mercat del Ram this year – from March 18 to 20 and with a budget of 260,000 euros – a total of 202 exhibitors (four more than in 2015) will participate.

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Anna Erra, mayor of Vic, said in the presentation yesterday that the food “is taking an important weight” and added: “The will is to continue opening the city keeping the essence and importance of livestock, which brings us The vitality of the market. “Precisely one of the most consolidated food proposals is Lactium, the artisan cheese fair, which reaches its eighth edition with forty quarters of both Catalunya and Spain. Cheeses one of the main attractions.

In order to boost the sale of artisan foods, in the Passeig rambla, 38 agro-food producers will show their products of proximity in the space Earth and kitchen. In addition to selling tapas related to their honey, oil, sausages or pastry, among others, there will be a Gastromusical (a combination of local products with wine and music) and there will be a space coordinated by the chef David Sanglas where you can taste dishes The “cap i pota” and the xató. Crealiment (support service to the innovation of agri-food companies of the creative agency) will collaborate in the Mercat del Ram this year making a diagnosis of the Earth and kitchens space an assessment of the tapas.

To know the origin of many of the agrifood products that can be seen and tested in the Mercat del Ram, The farmhouse, origin of food will be the fairgrounds El Sucre to show machinery and livestock, but also to offer information of a Children from 5 to 12 years old, with four experimental workshops: the field, the mill, the feed and the pig.

A complete program

The commercial show will have a specific year in the Mercat del Ram with the presence of exhibitors from sectors such as the automotive industry (13), renewable energy, gardening and horticulture (14), industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery ( 30), and also tourism (26).

As a parallel activity, in addition to sports competitions, there will be no shortage of palms in the Plaza Mayor (Saturday), the Drawing Fair and the castellera performance (Sunday), and the 33rd edition of the International Balloon Trophy, among many Others.