Noel targets vegan diet and launches sausages without meat


The new ‘veggie’ range comes on the market with five references

The meat company Noel Alimentaria will present in Alimentaria, in the Gran Vía Fira de Barcelona area from 25 to 28 April, a new range of meatless sausages that has launched to the market to approach the vegans and adapt to new eating habits Of consumers seeking to diversify the origin of protein and reduce meat consumption.

In the production of this range ‘Veggie’ uses egg white as a protein base, so Noel, the fourth Spanish company in processed meat, becomes the first large company in the sector to add a non-meat option in its product catalog , Said in a statement.
The ‘veggie’ range comes to the market with five references, all made with olive oil: chorizo ​​with red paprika of the Vera, salami, Catalan sausage with black pepper, mortadella with olives and gallantine to the fine herbs.

In its space in the exhibition Innovacc de Alimentaria, Noel will also present the Eclose technology, a system that allows to open and close the containers repeatedly without losing the freshness of the product.

The other great novelty will be the All Natural Ham, a salt-cured Mediterranean salt for 12 months without nitrites, nitrates and gluten for export, which is recognized with the quality seal of the Serrano Ham Consortium.

In the Intercarn room, Noel will present Olot’s Llonganisseta, the only fresh black pudding on the market packaged in a protective atmosphere, without additives and with eight guaranteed days of life; And the relaunch of BBQ10, a line of 11 references for barbecue that will be in the market between March and September.

In the framework of Alimentaria the company will also explain Natrus, an initiative promoted in collaboration with the cattle farm Mas La Carrera and FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué under which 100% natural meat products are produced for the large distribution; And El Cierzo, a project in collaboration with Térvalis aimed at producing organic sausage and without antibiotics from 2018.

Noel Alimentaria, which closed the year 2015 with a turnover of 207 million euros and occupies 1,000 workers, has ten production centers and is present in 55 countries.


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