The Q-Pork project gets help in the RIS3CAT community “INNOAPAT”

The project “Q – PORK, alternatives for improving the quality of pork and pork products” has been approved within the RIS3CAT Community “INNOAPAT” (previously called “Food”) with an eligible budget of € 1,017,153 and An overall grant of € 392,043. The planned execution period is 3 years. The Q-PORK project involves 15 members, all of which are partners of the cluster, which are:

13 companies Boadas 1880 SA, Ramon Ventulà SA, Lenz Instruments SL, Timpolot SL, Engineria Informàtica Olot SL, Joaquim Albertí SA, Esteban Espuña SA, Noel Alimentaria SAU, Cárnica Batallé SA, Artigas Alimentària SAU, Corporación Alimentaria de Guissona SA, Mecàniques Pujolàs SL i Grupo Alimentario Argal SA
1 agent of R+D+i Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (CERPTA)
1 asociation/clúster INNOVACC as leader and project coordinator


IRTA also participates as an R & D & i agent, subcontracted to three project working groups.

The aim of this project is to determine the best alternatives to improve the quality of pork and its derived products, through several aspects that significantly affect different points in the value chain of the meat industry.

The following four working groups of topics are considered, all of which have a direct relationship between them, and are complemented to achieve the most adequate quality in the main pork products (canals, fresh and frozen meat) and processed products And cured):

WP1 – New technological solutions for the control and improvement of pork quality, including NIRS spectroscopy.

WP2 – New technological solutions for fasting control of pigs in slaughterhouses in order to improve the quality of meat obtained and improve the efficiency of the production system.

WP3 – New technological solutions for the detection of sexual odor in whole males, as an alternative to the castration of piglets, to ensure the quality of the meat obtained.

WP4 – New technological solutions for in-line optical sensors to increase the performance and quality of meat products.

Num. expedient: COMRDI15-1-0027

Co-financed with FEDER funds.