Antimicrobial resistance: responsible use of antibiotics in livestock farms

ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE: RESPONSIBLE USE OF ANTIBIOTICS IN LAS From INNOVACC is collaborating in several initiatives related to the reduction of antibiotics in pigs. One of them, is this day of July 6 in Vic, which will address these issues:

 National Plan to combat resistance to antibiotics. Current situation – Ms. Cristina Muñoz Madero. Head of Service. Member of the CVMP – Department of Veterinary Medicines of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS).
 Problems of prescribing and responsibilities of the prescribing veterinarian – Mr. Luis M. Cebrián. ANEMBE and D. José A. Gil. Area of ​​MAGRAMA, Zaragoza.
 Antimicrobial in porcine: a practical vision – Mr. Lorenzo Fraile. Adjunct professor of the UdL.
 Presentation of the electronic recipe program of the Council, PRESCRIVET – Juan José Badiola, President of the General Council of Veterinary Colleges of Spain.
 Good practices and ongoing experiences. Reducing Protein Content in Transition Diets Can non-use of antimicrobials affect subsequent yields? – David Solà and Oriol of SNIBA – UAB


Place: Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona, Osona Delegation, El Sucre Building, C / Historian Ramon de Abadal y Vinyals, 5, 08500 Vic
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Registration: through the mail
Price: free
Organized by: DARP, Llotja de contractació i mercat in origin of Vic – Cambra de Comerç in Barcelona and the Consell de Col·legis Veterinaris de Catalunya