“More SMEs”, the new center that promotes innovation in SMEs

The Eureca technological center has created, together with AEIC, PIMEC and AMEC, an instrument to support R & D projects linked to Horizon 2020 initiatives.

Born in Catalonia, through the program More SME, the Center of Excellence for Innovation in SME. Its objective is to promote the digital transformation of companies so that they are more competitive and have the capacity to create quality jobs and generate wealth in society as a whole. This initiative, carried out by the Eureca technological center, the AEIC and PIMEC associations and the AMEC business group, will finance all types of R & D projects, although those linked to the European Horizon 2020 program will focus.

Beneficiaries. Small and medium enterprises with up to 250 workers and a turnover of less than 50 million euros that are installed in Catalonia.
Action plan. More Pyme will make until December 100 technological diagnoses, the objective is to turn them into innovation projects. Although these analyzes have a cost of 1,500 euros, this amount can be deduced in future R & D plans.
Credit. This program will co-finance 50% of the first 50 projects, with a maximum contribution of 35,000 euros per company.
Area of ​​activity. Although companies from any sector can participate, the instrument of the new Center of Excellence for Innovation in SMEs is based on initiatives agreed by the European institutions. In particular, bet on those related to industry 4.0, digitization, Internet of things and sustainability.
Training. Free advice will be offered so that SMEs can count on experts in the management of innovation.
Strategy. After the diagnosis, a project will be carried out to enable companies to identify their technological competencies and identify potential markets for the diversification of their activity.


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