28 farms of Catalonia add 41 nominations in the edition of the Porc d’Or 2016 awards

ACN Barcelona.-Catalan farms lead the list of nominations at the 23rd edition of the Porc d’Or awards, which recognize excellence in pork production, the organization said Wednesday. Catalonia accumulates 41 nominations distributed in a total of 28 farms, which opt for the 45 prizes of the contest in the categories of number of piglets weaned by sow low, numerical productivity and delivery rate. The Barcelona demarcation encompasses the great majority of these nominations, with 30 nominations, followed by the regions of Lleida and Girona, with 5 nominations each, and the Tarragona demarcation, with a nomination. In particular, 94 farms in eight communities are choosing this year’s awards. The awards ceremony Porc d’Or 2016, organized by the Institute of Research and Technology Agroalimentarias (IRTA), will be held on November 4 in Vic.

The organization of the 23rd edition of the Porc d’Or has published the list of livestock farms that choose to receive one of the 45 awards in the ceremony to be held next November 4 in Vic. In this edition, 94 Farms from eight communities accumulate 120 nominations distributed according to categories, according to the number of breeding sows of the farm, and meeting the established criteria: Number of weaned piglets per sow low, Numerical Productivity and Rate of parts. The top three places in the ranking of nominees are Catalonia, Aragon and Castilla y León. In the case of Catalonia, 28 farms choose 41 nominations, of which 30 correspond to Barcelona (18 farms), 5 in Girona (5 farms), 5 in Lleida (4 farms), and one in Tarragona. Although it still occupies the first place, Catalonia has decreased the nominations and farms with respect to the last edition. They continue in Catalonia, Aragon, with a total of 35 nominations for 31 pig farms, and Castilla y León, with fifteen farms that each opt for a guardó.La Gala Porc d’Or, in which are delivered the 45 statues of Gold, silver and bronze according to the categories and criteria established, meets every year to more than half thousand professionals, among breeders, companies and professionals from all over the State linked to the sector. The prizes are based on the BDporc (Reference Database of the Spanish Porcine) and as of today they analyze quarterly the data of 850,000 breeders, distributed in 700 farms of the whole state territory. The awards are organized by the IRTA and have the animal health company Zoet as co-organizer of the event with the Interprofessional White Pig Porcupine (Interporc); In addition to the support of the City Council of Vic and the Chamber of Commerce of the delegation of Osona and its Trading and Market Market in Vic Origin.

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