The farm Sant Martí, awarded with the Porc d’Or

La Granja Sant Martín, located in Sant Martí de Centelles and the company Piensos Grau SA, received for the third consecutive year the Porc d’Or to the Maximum Productivity of the XXIII gala of delivery of the prizes Porc d’Or, that was celebrated The last friday. Specifically in 2015 broke a new historical record of productivity with 37.26 weaned piglets per sow and year.La Granja Sant Martín has been the winner of the last two years of the Golden Diamond Pig (the highest award) and Porc d’Or to Maximum Productivity, surpassing its previous figure: 35,82 piglets weaned per sow and year.

porc or

It began its activity in 1994 and counts today with a census of 1,200 breeders. It began as a closed cycle, changing its production system in 2002 and reorganizing towards a breeding farm and piglets up to 6 kg (Phase I).

The vessels of the Sant Martí farm are environmentally conditioned and adapted to the housing system in groups of pregnant sows and feeding system by means of electronic machines of individual identification. It is a farm that from its beginnings has been and PRRS is maintained negative. The jury highlighted its extraordinary productive efficiency and sanitary level.

Porc d’Or with Diamond and Malagram

The Granja Sant Martí was also nominated for this category, but the Marganell Farm, located in the town of the same name and also the company Piensos Grau, SA, was the highest award. The farm was awarded the special Porc d’Or with Diamond award.

The third special prize, the Golden Pig of Magrama to “Health, Animal Welfare and Environment” went to Zamora, specifically in the town of San Cebrián de Castro, where Granja Sanglas, located in the company Grupo Batallé. In addition to the three special prizes, 45 statuettes of gold, silver and bronze have also been awarded, according to categories.

Catalunya, in first place

The Porc d’Or Awards are organized by the Agriculture and Livestock Research and Technology Institute (IRTA) of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, together with the animal health company Zoet and Interprofessional of Porco de Capa Blanca (Interporc) And with the support of the City of Vic, the Chamber of Commerce of the Osona delegation and its Procurement and Market Market in Vic.

During the presentation of the prizes was the President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Meritxell Serret, and the Mayor of Vic Town Hall, Anna Erra. The event brought together about a thousand professionals from the pig sector throughout the State.

Concentration against

On the other hand, outside of El Sucre, about fifty people gathered to denounce the poor task of the farm in solving the different conflicts that generate the intensive swine herd. Under the motto “It is not gold, it is exploitation” they handed figurines of “pigs of shit” to Jose Ramisa (maximum shareholder of Esfosa) and to the mayor of Vic.
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