Jarc-Coag considers “unjustified” the new tax to process the management plans of cattle dejections

ACN Lleida.- JARC-COAG describes as “unjustified” the new rate proposed by the Government for the processing or modification of plans for the management of livestock waste, included in the Act to Accompany the Budget presented Tuesday in Parliament, and Criticizes that the measure “was presented without any discussion with the representatives of the producers”. The Generalitat justifies the share of up to 200 euros that should pay the farmer for the increase in administrative burden, “when management plans have long been mandatory and now a tool has been implemented to facilitate their telematic processing,” according to Remarcan from the agrarian organization. JARC-COAG considers that this new tax “penalizes” the producer, whether or not integrated, “on which the cost of investments is always exclusively allocated to improve the management of the excrement and the elaboration of the Plan, accumulating costs that Can not have an effect on the selling price “.the JARC-COAG sector boss of the pig, Jaume Bernis, believes that “the Generalitat has wanted to justify the creation of the tax by claiming a greater administrative burden, when in fact long time ago that the farmers present the plans of management of the excrement” . In addition, the union recalls that this year, in order to facilitate the management of this issue, a telematic tool has been introduced that should reduce administrative procedures. Bernis stresses that the tax would add a new burden to the producer, whether integrated or not, which ” Always ends up being the only agent of the chain penalized in the field of the management of the ejections “. Thus, the investments necessary after the closure of the slurry treatment plants, the cost of elaborating the management plans and now the processing fee, “everything always falls on the farmer, who has the most difficult To pass the extra cost on the sale price of your product, “he laments. The measure foresees that farmers have to pay a fee of between 15 and 200 euros to process or modify the plan depending on the size of the farm. The largest burden would therefore be on pig and poultry holdings. Thus, a pig farm of more than 2,000 places of bait with animals of more than 30 kilos should pay a fee of 200 euros for presenting or modifying the ejection plan.
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