Mercolleida awards the Pronosporc prizes to two vest pork analysts

Mercolleida has today rewarded Josep Serra of Bestiar Serra i Martí and Juan Pedro Florido of ElPozo Alimentación as the best price analysts on the Spanish pork market in the categories of Golden Sucker and Golden Prize Pig respectively in The VIII Pronosporc Awards..The Lleida market is a reference center for Spanish and European pigs since its price is used as a reference price in more than 90% of pig operations in Spain, in addition to being a European reference of the Spanish price.

These awards are the culmination of the Weekly Price Boards, made up of the most representative companies in this area, both in terms of volume and weight within the national and international market.

For the category of Suckling, Mercolleida contemplates an outstanding prize, Prize Golden sucker.

The members of the table are divided into two groups, one consisting of four buyers (Comercial Agropecuària Llinàs, Inga Food, Piensos del Segre and YAK Factory of Compound Pins) and another composed of three selling companies (Bestiar Serra i Martí, Josep Maria Cortasa And Enrique Ortega and Sons).

The winner of the Golden sucker 2016 has been Josep Serra i Pagespetit, of Bestiar Serra i Martí.

For the category of Primed Pig, has a box of honor in which the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are presented.

Eight slaughterhouses (Campofrío Food Group, Costa Brava, Elpozo Food, Famadesa, Fribín, Avinyó Frigorífic Escorxador, Mafriges and Olot Meats) and eight producers (Agropecuària de Guissona, Inga Food, Juan Jiménez García, Segre, YAK Composite Pins Factory and Vall Companys Group) competed in this category.

The Bronze Primed Prize went to Miguel Ángel Ortega Bernal, from Campofrío Food Group; Silver Prize has been awarded by Federico Beltrán Galindo, Famadesa; And the Golden Prize has been awarded to Juan Pedro Florido Cazorla, from El Pozo Alimentación.

Mercolleida also wanted to release a plaque in recognition of his dedication to the table of the sow to Agustín Tomás, Ganados Agustín and Josán, and Llorens Casals, Ganados Casals.

After the announcement of the results, the winner in the pig fattening category, Juan Pedro Florido, from El Pozo, has predicted that during the next year 2017 pig prices will grow “between 2 and 5%” thanks to a great extent To the “opening of Asian markets”.

In his opinion, this foreign demand “will perfectly absorb” the expected increase of the national hut. Moreover, Florido has indicated that if current cereal price levels are maintained, the final remuneration may be sufficient to ensure adequate remuneration along the entire value chain.

As for the piglet,, the winner of this year’s Pronosporc d’Or, Josep Serra, from Bestiar Serra i Martí, has also announced a price hike horizon of “between three and four euros” in 2017 after a campaign ” Very competitive “.

“The majority of the farms are dedicated to fattening, the free market is finished and the importation of Holland is going down by the diversion of animals to other countries”, indicated Serra.

News published to La vanguardia