A portal is made to consult the catalan university research

The Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat, Jordi Baiget, presented yesterday the Portal of Research of the Universities of Catalonia, a tool that will help Catalan universities to publicize their research work and consult them on a single platform. Baiget said that the goal of the portal is to unify all Catalan research, starting with universities, since the percentage of Catalan research with respect to the global global is higher than the percentage of the population. “We value the research done in Catalonia: what are we doing, in what areas, such as garbage and who does it,” said the counselor.

portal recerca
Presentation of the research portal, chaired by the conseller Jordi Baiget Photo: EP.

University Secretary Arcadi Navarro defended that “the portal means a way of sharing that is not just a showcase”, but allows comparing what is being done in the different participating centers and how their projects are financed. According to the coordinator of the project, Enric Canela, the long-term objective is to “gather information from all the research done in Catalonia, from universities, from research centers, from institutes and from Hospitals. ” The research portal already works and allows searches by researchers, projects, departments, publications and theses.
More information: http://portalrecerca.csuc.cat/?locale=en

News published in El Punt Avui