China, first meat destination

“Spanish exports of pork products hit records and already point to 5,000 M € per year.”For the first time in history, an extra-European country – Xina – has become the first foreign market for pork meat products by volume, concentrating slightly more than 20% of exports, according to data released by Alberto Herranz, director of The Interprofessional White-Coat Porcine (Interporc).

Over the past year, meat and processed meat sales in China have doubled from 209,000 t in 2015 to 419,000 t in 2016. Four other Asian countries are also among our top 11 buyers: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong And the Philippines. “The new global economic reality has been reflected in the internationalization of the Spanish pork sector,” Herranz said.

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However, although the importance of the Asian market, especially Chinese, is very remarkable, Alberto Herranz has stressed that the European Union remains our main market and that France remains our first market in turnover, with € 759 million.

Strong acceleration: + 21%

In general, 2016 has been a year of strong acceleration in the growth of meat and processed pork exports, which have increased by 21% in volume and 16.5% in value, with more than 2 million t. And more than 4,500 M € sold (see full details in the attached report, through the link below).

In the last 8 years, the sum of the increase has been 68% in volume and 84% in value. Expectations are that exports will continue to rise in 2017, with the figure of 5,000 M € on the horizon.

Herranz said that this success of the Spanish pork sector is due to the confluence of different factors, including “the unity of the sector, a model of sustainable and safe production, specialization and professionalization in all areas of the chain of Value, and the global vision that has led us to produce thinking of the world as one market. ” He also highlighted the work carried out for the development of the sector by the organizations and associations that make up Interporc.

78% for meat

By products, almost 78% of the external turnover of the Spanish pork sector comes from the sale of fresh, chilled or frozen meat and offal. They are followed by cured hams and potatoes, with 9.3% and sausages with 8.2%. On the other hand, the bacon supposes the 3.2% and the rest of products of 1.5%.

Spain ranks as one of the four major world powers in meat exports and processed pork. These products occupy the twelfth position among the most exported Spanish goods and third place in the agri-food sector, only behind fruits and vegetables, according to data released by Interporc. The Spanish agri-food sector increased its exports in value by 5.48% in 2016, to 47,784 M €.

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