INNOVACC addresses to the sectoral food and gastronomy campus UDG


March 23, 2017

Last Thursday 23rd March, INNOVACC attended the presentation of the Food and Gastronomy Sector Campus of the UdG. A few days earlier the cluster had already stuck.

The University of Girona has marked as a priority the focus of research and teaching to the needs of the socioeconomic sectors and alignment with the intelligent • RIS3CAT intelligent specialization strategy. To this end, the Sectorial Campus Program is being developed. The Campus is a platform that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and guides the strategic planning of academic activity, with a marked market driven approach.
The Food and Gastronomy Campus is the platform that the University of Girona makes available to the food and gastronomy sector to facilitate communication and joint work. A single point of access, to address all issues related to research, teaching and service provision in the field of food and gastronomy, with the aim of orienting the activity of the UdG to the real needs of companies and institutions of the sector.

campus alimentacio
The Food and Gastronomy Campus aims to tackle the challenges of food safety and quality, the development of new ingredients and innovation in food technologies and manufacturing processes, in order to contribute to greater well-being and quality Of life of the population and a greater respect of the environment and its resources. Through the transfer of knowledge and technology in the production, processing and gastronomy industry of our environment, it will contribute to improve the business expectations of this industry, improve its environmental impact and the creation of qualified jobs.

During the presentation of the Campus, different talks took place where the main thread was the development of projects and transfer of knowledge, between research centers or universities and companies in the food and gastronomy sector. It was pointed out the importance of the in-depth knowledge of the sector, in order to be able to offer, from the University of Girona, a formative offer attractive and applied to reality.

We talked about projects related to the food industry, gastronomy, agriculture to promote the entire value chain, from field to table.