Innovacc Awards

The INNOVACC Board approved the creation of an award for technological innovation, that aims to encourage technological innovation projects in the field of education focused in the Catalan pig meat sector.

In this award can participate Baccalaureate students, professional training and universities that are in the final year of studies during the period 2016-2017, and that they are preparing the final cycle/degree project. All students must be enrolled in a school in Catalonia.

It is imperative that the project is addressed to pig meat sector * and assume a tangible and applicable technological innovation.

* Includes both the principal chain value of porcine (farms, slaughterhouses, cutting plants, processors of meat products) and all auxiliary services (genetics, feed, additives, machinery, automation, hygiene solutions, packaging, logistics , energy, waste and by-products, etc.).

Only one category of the awards is established:

One award for the student (or group of students **) that have made the project and for the Department / teacher who has supervised the project.

** Collaborative projects which have involved more than one student can be presented.

The award is 10.000 €,  50% for the student and 50% for the Department / tutor that have been made the project. At the same time, it is offered to the winning student, the possibility of formalizing a training work contract in a company in the Catalan pig meat sector.

The projects can be presented until July 15, 2017. The communication of finalists winner / of the award will take place until October 31, 2017 through the INNOVACC website and the finalists student and tutors personally. An award ceremony will take, where  all students and their tutors will be invited, as well as all INNOVACC partners and other persons connected with the Catalan pig meat sector. In this event will be presented the finalists projects and, finally, the award winner will be announced.


Basis of the1ª Edition INNOVACC Awards

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