Embutidos Monells makes a new factory to put three new lines of sliced

Food companies have been preparing new investments for months. This is the case of Embutidos Monells, which is making a new ship to put up to three new lines of sausage slicing in the plant of San Miguel de Balenya. The company, now owned by the Argal group, plans to expand the workforce by about 50 people. Also Splendid Foods will invest in two years six million euros in its headquarters of Seva.Dolors Altarriba. Sant Miquel de Balenyà

Embutidos Monells, a company of the Argal group, plans to invest 5.5 million euros in its Sant Miquel de Balenyà slicing plant this year, as explained by the company’s general director, María Ángeles Sebastián. The works, which have already begun, will be finished in summer and have meant that part of the parking lot was lost because it is the soil that has occupied. These works will allow him to expand his productive capacity in three new slicing lines, although as Sebastián explains, for the moment only one will be put into operation, “but he has already prepared for medium-term growth.” The start-up of the new ship will involve 50 new workers, which will add to the current 450.

The sliced section already represents 56% of the total production of this company that produced 25,925 tonnes of processed meat last year, 2% more than in 2015, while sliced products stood at 14,537 tonnes. The company closed 2016 with sales of 94.3 million euros, almost 2 million more than the previous year, of which 10.3 were from the export. And is that export “despite being the part that grows the most is still a small percentage of the company,” says Sebastian. One of the reasons is the fall suffered three years ago when the markets of Russia, one of the countries where Monells was most exported, closed.

The company has two plants in Sant Miquel de Balenyà, where it makes sweet ham, sausages and sliced, and another plant in Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, where it produces tenderloin and bacon. In this last one invested about two million last year. “The facilities were adapted to expand capacity and segregated the bacon and cured loin plants to adapt them to the new regulations,” explains Sebastián, who adds that a new room was created to “improve the internal flow”, Sebastián no Discards that in the next months new investments are made in the other plants of the company.


The company is part of this Spanish group born in Pamplona

The Argal group bought Monells in 2014. Initially, with a majority shareholding of 51% and with the former leadership, but now it is already part of the group and has withdrawn from all positions the Monells family, founder of The company in 1946.

Argal is a company born as a butcher’s family business in Pamplona more than 100 years ago. It has specialized in sausages such as cured and sweet ham, Iberian, turkey, sausage or pate and exports to more than 30 countries. The company has facilities in Fregenal de la Sierra, in Badajoz (Extremadura), where it has the Iberian pigs it breeds, in Lumbier (Navarra) and in Miralcamp (Lleida), where they manufacture whip and salami.

The company, which invoices more than 300 million euros and surpasses the thousand workers, bought in 2015 51% of the company of prepared food of Palamós Just Gourmet Group.


News published in EL 9 NOU