Monells celebrates the journey “health meats”

Last Thursday, April 20, INNOVACC collaborated in the conference titled “Healthy Meats” organized by the AINS cluster of nutrition and health and with the collaboration of INNOVACC.

During the session we talked about cases of success of different partners of the cluster on the development of new processed healthy meat:

a. Range of healthy products “Good for you” (Jordi Buxeda, Boadas 1880). In the first place, a small introduction was made regarding the segmentation of the feed for consumer profiles (children / youngsters, seniors, independent adults). The parameters that matter most to consumers are pleasure, health and convenience. From here, it was explained how through a European project, it was possible to develop different elaborated meats (snack whip and extra chorizo) where the salt and fat content was reduced, always preserving the taste.

b. Fuet without lactose with improved nutritional profile (Javier Mansoa, Technical Director of the CARINSA Group). In the first place, we started talking about different aspects of society that have led to develop healthier products: lactose intolerance, overweight and obesity, need for salt reduction. From Carinsa has developed a turkey fuet conserving organoleptic and sensorial properties of the product and eliminating animal fat. Development of products with pork.

carns saludables Carns saludables2

c. Cured ham reduced in salt (Elena Fulladosa, IRTA). Different essential aspects were obtained to obtain a cured ham reduced in salt: selection of raw material, control and optimization of the process, drying optimization and temperature and the characteristics of the final product.

After presenting the cases of success, there were 3 presentations that spoke about the tendencies and the perspectives of the meat sector:

a. Trends at global and local level (Narcís Grèbol, IRTA). It explained the importance of app s and gadgets in the world today, and very specifically in terms of food. Product trends are focused on different profiles of consumers (children, pregnant women and the elderly), and at the same time, more and more, clean label products. Meat-like analogues are also being developed. It is commented that the reformulation of products is the key to get the obtainment of elaborated healthy. On the other hand, it is said that pleasure (flavor) is the primary axis in food innovation, although health is very important and will increase.

b. Vegetable ingredients in meats, new products (Margarita Colet of AINS cluster and Ignasi Papell of CTNS-Eureca). We explained the case of a Catalan company, which have launched vegetable burgers without additives (the composition is vegetable, wheat flour, sunflower oil, salt and water). It is a type of product that is increasingly in demand among the population.

c. Perspectives on nutritional claims (José Antonio García-Regueiro, IRTA). There was talk of the need to reformulate products to reduce or substitute sugars, fats, saturated fats, trans fatty acids, salt (sodium). Apart from the reformulations, other solutions are: offer smaller portions and offer more transparent information for the consumer.