Bonárea Corporación reports 11,8 million in benefits

Europa Press, Lleida

The general meeting of shareholders of the BonÀrea Corporación meat group, held on Thursday in Guissona, agreed to increase the corresponding dividend by 2016 to € 15 per share – 7.14% more than in the previous year. Shareholders totaled 11.8 million euros, 25% of net income for the year.

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A portion of the dividend, seven euros per share, was already paid in January and the rest of the dividend, after the general meeting, the company said in a statement Friday.

Total sales reached € 1,543 million, net income € 47.24 million and net cash flow was € 84.13 million, up from the previous year of 5.5%, 7.9% and 10% , 6% respectively.

The figures, according to the company, consolidate the fully integrated business model reaching the end customer without any intermediary, allow to continue to more than 2,000 livestock farms and create 258 new direct jobs to reach the 4,456 workers.

The management has reviewed the investments made during 2016, which amounted to 44.95 million euros, 8% higher than the previous year, and detailed the investments planned for 2017, estimated at a value of 47 million euros, the largest Destined to the food center ‘La Closa’ and to the opening of 30 new supermarkets BonÀrea and enlargement of 20 stores.

The company has also detailed that its second food center in Aragon, in the town of Épila, will occupy approximately 140 hectares and is expected to invest 400 million in it and create 4,000 jobs.

The first stage of the project, urbanization and the construction of a logistic warehouse will be carried out between 2019 and 2020 and during the second stage, from 2021 to 2026, the slaughterhouse, poultry and slaughterhouse will be set up and the Livestock cutting, logistic warehouses, hams and processed dryers, the bread line and the pet foods factory.

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