Improved management of water in the pig meat sector and increase food safety through new ways of cleaning and desinfecting farms, transport and facilities of processing industry

With this project we want to make available to farms, cleaning companies of trucks (live animal, carcasses or meats), slaughterhouses, and cutting rooms:

a) Adequate review of cleaning and disinfection protocols specific to each activity in this sector, optimizing the environmental sustainability of operations, while ensuring its effectiveness and the ability to control the prevalence, growth and transmission of pathogens.

b)The evaluation of the main alternatives of low consumption and low load of chemical tributaries in cleaning and disinfection (environmental disinfection for nebulization, electrolyzed water, enzymatic cleaning, optimization of pressures, volumes and water flows, hygienic design, cleaning and / or disinfection in continuity of tapes) by taking the following measures
– Volume of water and chemicals used
– Level of disinfection achieved (number of microbial reductions)
– Human, technical and economic resources needed to implement the alternative

c) The test of the effectiveness of the selected alternatives with greater impact from the points of view
– Impact on water / chemical consumption compared to conventional systems
– Impact on food security to the current situation by doing validation analyzes on microbiological contamination, Organic matter or pathogens, according to the different problems to study
– With special attention to the most appropriate alternatives to minimize the prevalence of Salmonella