New solutions for cleaning and sisinfecting continuously in conveyors

The overall objective of this project is to achieve systems that significantly reduce the contamination of the conveyors of meat cutting rooms during the operational process, so that the counts of the parts obtained are markedly lower and that the variability of the lot is much narrower.

This objective is broken down into the following sub-objectives:
– Determination of the parameters of UV and cold plasma processes (type, dose and speed of passage of the strips, cycles), and concentrations of detergent-disinfectant solutions that obtains better reductions, as well as to avoid the formation of biofilms.
– Determination of the possible locations of the equipment in the assembly of the cutting line.
– Lethality studies on altering and pathogenic microbiota; Clean-dirty surface; Planktonic-biofilm population.
– Determination of the synergy of the treatments as well as on the antimicrobial strips.
– Evaluation of the state of the strips after the treatment cycles (microscopy, color, coating condition).
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