New technological solutions for fasting control of pigs to improve the meat production and quality (QPORK – WP2)

The objective of this part of the project is to develop an automatic weighing system in the slaughterhouse that allows to know the times of fasting of the animals in the moment of the slaughter and to quantify the consequences.

For the participating company the objective is to find the best location in the slaughterhouse of a weighing system of a part of the animal that allows to trace back and forth the conditions of fasting and the possible consequences on the final product. That is to say, to provide them with a system that allows them to make decisions regarding the product that will be obtained from specific animals to send it to the market that is most beneficial, and on the other hand to be able to evaluate their suppliers and establish a system of categorization of them in relation to the condition of the animals upon arrival. All this can be done only if a system is developed that allows associating the gut and / or stomach to a certain canal and do so at the sacrifice speed of the company, this means online, at the same time that generates alarm levels and information automatically.

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