Cooperativa Ganadera de Caspe

Livestock Cooperative Caspe devoted almost all their production to the pig sector white coat. Factory has own feed, nutrition service, marketing service animals for their partners, veterinary services, drug sales service and Credit Section, all under the same guidelines and providing comprehensive advice to its members. The Cooperative is the leading Red Livestock Caspe, an example of a network owned, concept of business society that comes from the experience of cooperation as SME umbrella cooperatives and commercial companies. This model unifies the investment and management around a leading company in this case the Livestock Cooperative Caspe-, boosting R & D & I as a tool for differentiation and value-added products and services.

Caspe Livestock Cooperative, founded in 1985, has continued growth since its inception. Its know-how is developed in 4 principles: excellent management, investment analysis, sustainability technology in animal nutrition and livestock services efficiency.