Tool for continuous monitoring of the new features and trends in packaging for meat products

This project has been started in 2011 and the first meetings have set the main objectives to be developed.

Projects closer to the marketing phase of the product are more difficult to carry out openly and with the cooperation of different companies (especially if they are competitors between them).

In this working group is encouraging the bet to share ideas, costs, risks and tests, also in the field of marketing.

The main issues raised are:

– Automatic packaging of small containers and products with quality control.

– Development of intelligent containers with active substances that are released depending on the conditions of conservation of the product.

– Development of an ecological packaging system.

Other topics that will be taken into account are:

– Development of a packaging system adapted to the requirements of international labeling and transport.

– Development of containers that allow to smell the products without the need to open them.

– Development of domotic containers (self-heating …)