Matadero Frigorífico del Cardoner, S.A. (MAFRICA)

Mafrica SA is a family company engaged in the slaughter of pigs, sheep and cattle, and the production of processed pork. The firm was born in 1963 in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Barcelona) and has a staff of about 350 people and with facilities of 40,000 square meters. Our obsession is quality. To do this, we have a modern laboratory where all our products are controlled. Innovation and research have always been present in Mafrica both product and process, we now have an R + R & D dedicated to this task. Our company is also distinguished by its commitment to the environment, therefore we have modern systems of water purification and re-use and energy optimization. Constant innovations, sustained growth and the highest standards and quality and safety guarantees have made Mafrica a leading company in the sector.