Mullor, S.A.

Mullor SA is a company founded in 1941, which devotes its activity to outsourcing processes in the industrial and business (
Originally we focus on cleaning installations and all kinds of machinery, silos, ventilation systems, cleanroom …. Incorporating over the years an increasing number of specialties of technical hygiene and cleaning cryogenic, laser, confined spaces, as well as pest control.
The close relationship we have always maintained with our customers has led us to expand our portfolio of services incorporating processes of logistics outsourcing, receiving raw material and unloading trucks, location management, picking, inventory review and registration of documentation; also we externalize reception and telephone service, among others.
The food sector is of great importance in our company and, besides having other customary certifications, Mullor SA was the first Spanish company to obtain the certification of the cleaning processes according to ISO 22,000.