The closed projects of Innovacc (2) 2009

Let’s review the projects that were made in 2009 with companies and institutions involved in the following article. Some have had continuity and others do not

In 2009 from Innovacc, five projects were launched in which companies from Osona participated.

Alternatives for pork production to obtain pork ecological

The association Assaporc, the UVic and the Gepork company participated in this project. The study concluded that technical ecological livestock breeding was technically possible even though it meant higher costs, especially for a matter of animal space. Now, with the animal welfare law assumed, perhaps the costs are reduced. Some cluster companies assumed it to offer organic products to the foreign market.

Continuous monitoring system for location and temperature of the meat product in the distribution chain

This project was developed in a specific product that companies like Casa Tarradellas used for some time. It was developed by the company Olot, SL, and the result was the product (, which “is working well,” they explain from Innovacc. The computer system allows you to have control at the moment in which the trucks transport the material and at what temperature the product is maintained. There is no need for a large infrastructure and all the information is received on the mobile.

Recovery of organic waste throughout the chain of the pig sector

With the participation of UVic, Assaporc, Casa Tarradellas and Espina, among others, this study was carried out, which was very general for the whole sector, where they treated the best recovery alternatives that several companies have already used. Each company has done it according to their needs and it is difficult to calculate the final result. It was closed with a catalog of organic waste to be treated with its identification and characterization of the catalog of the technologies of the treatment potentially applicable with a technical description of all the technologies of treatment.

Recovery of plastic waste obtained from packaging lines in companies producing pork products

Within this project, already closed, there is Embotits Espina, from Vic. It ended up being a study with several management alternatives but finally recommended incinerating plastics. As explained from the cluster, because there are no incinerators near companies and those that admit industrial waste, the solution ended. Nor was it economically viable to organize a specific waste collection service for clean plastic companies and therefore the project turned towards a project to change the container. It’s about using a tray with a lid of a pure plastic, PET, which is easier to recycle. Testing in different companies, including Espina, is being done to verify that it works well on the packaging machines and see the useful life of the products that are packaged according to the plastic. It is in the middle of the project and “it is possible the companies will incorporate it”, they say.

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