Master Builders Solutions España, S.L.U. new partner of INNOVACC

We welcome Master Builders Solutions España, S.L.U. which since February is already part of the INNOVACC partners!

Master Builders Solutions España, S.L.U. is a company dedicated to the research, development, manufacture, commercialization and technical advice, in the use of chemical products for the construction and systems for its application. The complete range of products under the brand Master Builders Solutions covers durable solutions for Industrial projects or in Building, new construction, renovation, repair and maintenance of facilities. Solutions with high added value and customized in technical waterproofing, solutions in repair and protection of concrete. Solutions in pavements and coatings of high mechanical or chemical benefits and hygiene hygiene agro industrial. BASF’s Master Builders Solutions specialists offer you an integral range of solutions for a wide variety of applications, from pavement coatings to conventional industry, to the most demanding coatings, such as conductive paving systems. All of them, considering the most suitable coatings, looking for the maximum durability and the least maintenance, of the proposed proposals.