Bugaderia Núria, S.L.

Bugaderia Núria SL is a family business of industrial laundry services and renting of work clothes. We provide a cyclical procedure for the supply and washing of textile material to ensure the availability of clothing and the maximum durability of the pieces. The company Bugaderia Núria was born in Olot in the 40s as a family business under the name “Tintoreria Núria”. Later, in the 70’s, the business expanded its services and specialized in the washing of textile, knitwear and jeans. It is then also when the clothes rental service is begun, a pioneering proposal in the area. In 2006, Bugaderia Núria goes one step ahead to take on the challenge of the washing of industrial textiles and the leasing of workwear through an integral process that collects, controls and manages the whole life cycle of the pieces of clothing. clothes The firm commitment to the manufacture of the pieces, the personalized service and adapted to each client and the constant improvement and reinvestment in machinery and processes, has enabled the Núria Laundry to consolidate its sector and continue to satisfy all the needs of its customers .