Embotits Caula, S.L.

In 1939 Mr. Joaquim Pardàs Vidal, a shopkeeper in the street of Santa Eugènia de Girona since 1921, built a factory of sausages on the outskirts of the city. Located next to the Pont de la Barca, the activity began specializing in the manufacture of whips, sausages and Catalan sausages. The true impetus of the company was made by the grandson of the brother of the founder and current president of the company, Mr. Joaquim M. Caula Pardàs, and in the 90s, three children joined the business. In 2011, the facilities were moved to Sant Gregori, achieving the IFS and BRC quality certifications. Currently the company exports almost all of its production and manufactures in two independent lines the cured sausage of pork and Halal.