Get to know and test acoustic freezing technology (AEF) with Castañé-RS Aluminkar

The company RS Aluminkar (Castañé Group), associated with INNOVACC, has an innovative technology called AEF (Acoustic Freezing Effects) which allows interesting advantages for the freezing of meat and food products in general.

Some highlights of AEF technology are:

  • Faster freezing process and reduced energy consumption.
  • Significant reduction of damage to cells and the structure of cellular connections.
  • Extension of the useful life of the frozen product.
  • Reduction of moisture loss during the storage of frozen products.
  • Preliminary freezing before cutting and slicing (reduced loss of meat juice, better product quality, better shelf life).
  • Block freezing with reduced losses of meat juice and greater capacity of chopping equipment.
  • During the production of minced meat, more frozen meat blocks can be added.

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The acoustic freeze test (AEF) comparison to standard freezing can be carried out depending on your installation (with an acoustic freeze test unit that could be brought to your company without any of cost) and with different types of products that may be of interest to you.

The proposed methodology for the tests would be:

  • Select 3-5 different pieces of meat of size and portion of the carcass (with two pieces of each type, one for standard freezing and one for acoustic freezing)
  • Complete the following comparison test of the group of samples:

1. Histology (400x zoom) to see the structure of the frozen product and the size and structure of the ice crystals

2. Measure the freezing time and speed of temperature drop inside the product.

3. Measure the cutting force of frozen meat (cutting or pressing capacity)

4. Measure the drip loss of meat juice during and after the thawing process.


For more information or if you want to carry out this type of free test you can contact: Robert Castañé Homs (; mobile +34 669 44 82 48).