New automatic pig carcass classification system called gmSCAN

Members of INNOVACC, Lenz Instruments, Mafrica and IRTA, in collaboration with the Irish firm gmSTEEL successfully carried out the homologation in Spain and Poland of a new automatic classification system for pig carcasses called gmSCAN.

The gmSCAN uses a measurement technique known as Magnetic Induction which is already used industrially for the grading of individual cuts (eg ham, shoulder, belly, lean). This technique makes it possible to determine without contact the composition of the canal based on the analysis of the response of the lean and fatty tissues to the action of a variable and low-intensity magnetic field.

The equipment allows sorting at a rate of up to 900 channels per hour and is typically integrated after the scalding stage. The equipment has been designed to inspect the channel in a vertical position which is the usual form of transport in the slaughter line and which significantly simplifies the integration of the equipment in the line.

gmSCAN is an official classification method in Spain that makes the classification based on the total lean percentage (SEUROP Classification)
and provides detailed carcass composition information including weight prediction and lean percentage in the most important cuts such as ham, loin, bacon and shoulder.

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