INNOVACC participates in a meeting of the agro-food cluster of Navarra

On November 27, in the Agroalimentary City of Tudela, INNOVACC participated in a meeting of the work group of the meat sector of the agrifood cluster of Navarra (Nagrifood).


The managers of Nagrifood (Sandra Aguirre) and INNOVACC (Eudald Casas) agreed on the cluster meeting of Catalonia, Euskadi and Navarra held in November 2017 in Barcelona.

Nagrifood is a cluster created a few years ago and invited the manager of INNOVACC, to know the long history and experience of the Catalan cárnico cluster.

Several businessmen from the Navarrese cluster attended the meeting:
Arbizu, Cárnicas Galar, Cárnicas Iruña Velasco, Cárnicas Kiko, Intermeat 2, Granja Los Alecos, AN Avícola Mélida, Eroski, Embutidos Goikoa, Jamones Volatín and Conservas Martiko.

Eudald Casas explained, broadly, the activities that INNOVACC does, the strategic orientation of the cluster, the methodology for generating collaborative projects and some examples of projects promoted and developed within the framework of the cluster.

It was, then, a good opportunity to share information and to initiate a collaborative relationship between the two clusters and their respective partners.