PITA 2017/2018 Awards and Ruralapps 2018

This Thursday, January 31st, took place in Girona the ceremony to deliver the PITA 2017/2018 Awards (Food Technology Innovation Award) and Ruralapps 2018. The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food, Teresa Jordà presented the the prizes.

Boadas 1880 SA, a partner of INNOVACC, has been awarded as a finalist the PITA 2017 Prize-agribusiness modality, for the implementation, in a 137-year charity company, of innovations in the different processing processes (facilities, machinery, controls or service life) to obtain, with new formulations and maintaining food security, healthy products with sensory characteristics such as conventional ones.

The application “Composition and Parameters of Food Control” carried out with the project developed by IRTA (Instituto de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria) and coordinated by INNOVACC has been a candidate for the Ruralapps-Professional Awards of the 2018 Sector. The application is mainly aimed at Industries that have an interest in knowing some properties of foods to control the process and quality of their products, but also for people with an interest in knowing the properties of food. The application is focused on the determination of the humidity parameter and the water activity of raw cured meat products.

With this control, loss of product derived from the presence of defects and damaged product is avoided. Likewise, these measures provide information on the food safety of the product.

In addition to having immediate information, the cost is minimal and no residues are generated to determine the parameters of interest.

The application also allows a user with the NIR sensor arrangement to determine the parameters of the food for personal use.