11,18,19/02/2019 GoingDigital. Tours MWC. Industry 4.0, Retail, Mobility

Going Digital is a program designed to familiarize non-ICT companies with digital transformation and help them identify technologies and innovations that help them digitally transform their organizations. The program has 3 different verticals: Industria4.0, Retail, and Mobility.

The program in Industry 4.0 consists of independent options. The company interested in the same can choose between one of the two options, according to their calendar preference.

This activity is directed to the board of companies of NO TIC. Big, medium and small (Exits are excluded).

The procedure to register is as follows:

1) you must send an e-mail to mwc2019GoingDigital@correu.accio.gencat.cat

Indicate which vertical you are interested in (in the case of Industry4.0, specify which of the two options).

Include the name of the person, e-mail and charge to the company, and name of the company.

2) ACTION will send a Promotional Code (*), which must be used to formalize the registration and payment on the website of the MWCapital: https://www.goingdigital.es

It must be done within a MAXIMUM one week, or the promotional code will be canceled.

(*) Promotional code requests will be accepted in order of arrival as received in the email.