Assembly of the INNOVAPAT Community


On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, the Third General Assembly INNOÀPAT was held at the House of Agriculture House – FCAC.

INNOÀPAT is the RIS3CAT Food Community where several R & D projects are being carried out from 2015 up to 2020.

One of the projects that are being developed within the INNOÀPAT Community is the “Q-PORK. Alternatives to improve the quality of pork and beef products” led by INNOVACC and involving 15 members of the cluster.

The Assembly addressed different issues of community management, and there were also different disruptive start-ups in the agri-food field.

Start-ups participants:

Challenge 1: How do we reduce waste in the agri-food chain?

Challenge 2: Personalized and accurate nutrition for better consumer welfare.

Challenge 3: How do we reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production?

We also pass the following presentations:

  • Proposal of new innovation projects (Energy Community – IREC)(Presentation)
  • Open Innovation Forum (FBG – Biocat) (Presentation)