ColorSensing, intelligent tags for food control

Determine the status of packaged foods before opening and consuming them. This is the aim of ColorSensing, a spin off of the University of Barcelona that develops solutions based on color correction.

Its first product, FoodSensing, is an intelligent tag that helps food manufacturers and retailers reduce waste and add quality to the products thanks to its technology.

ColorSensing technology can be applied to very diverse fields, but initially the focus has been on packaged foods. In this sense, it has developed an intelligent tag that allows them to process the image and, through the pixels with intelligent ink that vary depending on the gases or the temperature inside the container, determine the state of the food.

The research team at the UB has been working on this technology for some years, but it has been since February 2017 when it began to explore the part of commercial applications. The company, founded by Daniel Prades and María Eugenia Martín, is constituted from the middle of 2018.

INNOVACC together with three other partner companies of the cluster (Argal, Boadas and Monter) are currently involved in a part of the development of this project as technology testers. Also involved is the Packaging Cluster and the IPE label company. They have AEI help from the Ministry of Industry.

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