Vila Rovira and eSynapsing are participating in an Industry 4.0 project

PaQCS (Production and Quality Control System) is the result of the project developed within the framework of the ACC IRC 2019.

It is the development of a tool accessible via computer, tablet or mobile that allows the control of the production process of a slice factory, but that can be applied to any company of elaborated meats, starting from the data of the stocks and orders which pulls directly from the company’s management program.

From this data, the PaQCS generates a list of pending production orders that we will plan for days, hours and production lines. When it is already programmed in each line, the operator, by means of a tablet, accesses all the data of the order of manufacture (OF), registering:

1.- the materials and batches used

2.- operators involved

3.- Controls carried out (cleaning, metal detector, weight controls, waste gas, cleaning and disinfection carried out …)

The application warns at all times when the controls must be performed according to the frequency indicated for each product, the operator records the results directly in the App, as well as any incidents that may arise during the production.

Once the manufacturing order has been completed, the Quality Manager can supervise and validate all the controls carried out.

All this data recorded online by the operators, apart from eliminating all manual records (with which there can always be errors and oversights), the PaQCS summarizes all the production data, providing us a report where we can extract all the controls carried out, the productions and productivity of the orders of manufacture as well as incidences and images of the product realized.

With this application we have reduced the time and errors in the controls and records of the data during the production, as well as with the management of all the controls and the data after the production: calculations of productivity, productions, management of incidences, cost control …. concentrating all the data related to the same production facilitating the traceability of materials, personnel, controls and documents provided in audits and inspections.

Plant testing is currently underway and the tool is being finalized.

For more information you can contact INNOVACC ( or directly at eSynapsing: