Costa Food Group new partner of INNOVACC

Welcome to the Costa Food Group, which has been a member of INNOVACC since the end of May!

The history of Costa Food Group is linked to the birth of Feedos Costa in Fraga (Huesca) in 1966. The company began its activity with the purchase and sale of cereals and has since applied models of integration, expansion and growth that have allowed it to consolidate itself as a benchmark in the national and European agri-food sector.

At present, the Costa Empresarial Group, on which the Costa Food Group meat group depends, is present in 107 countries and has an annual turnover of 1.1 billion euros.

Costa Food Group has been committed to natural products since its inception, obtained through the process of vertical integration of the group (controlled circular process), which begins with the control of the feeding of pigs, the care of livestock and the guarantee of safety food in all states: birth and aging (Pinsos Costa), cutting (Costa Food Meat) and processing and elaboration of charcuterie (Casademont and Villar). The control of the whole process provides total traceability throughout the value chain and also transparency.