The European ACCELWATER project is approved

On June 24 the approval of the European project of the call H2020-LOW-CARBON-CIRCULAR-INDUSTRIES-2020 was received with the theme CE-SPIRE-07-2020 (preserve water: recycle industrial water from industries) where INNOVACC will participate together with other partners in the cluster, UVic and Mafrica.

The project consortium is made up of 18 participants from different European countries: Greece (leader), Italy, Germany, Holland, Iceland and Catalonia.

The project aims to optimize the use of water in different types of food industries in Europe (sectors involved: meat, beer, dairy, tomato processing and fish farms) where several pilot tests will be carried out with all kinds of solutions.

Therefore, the main objective is to optimize water consumption in the food and beverage industry and to optimize energy consumption in order to treat wastewater. Recovery, reuse and artificial intelligence technologies and control technologies will be introduced to monitor and enable the use of reclaimed water in food and beverage manufacturing processes. At the same time, it will allow reducing energy consumption and optimizing, recovering and managing this energy. As a consequence of these two aspects, an improvement in environmental and socioeconomic sustainability can be achieved.

In the case of the meat sector it is intended:

  • Improve water quality
  • Increase the amounts of water recovered and reused
  • Produce energy from biomass
  • Reduce waste from the meat industry
  • Valorize waste to produce products with high added value

INNOVACC within the project will contribute to replicate the business models and technologies developed and tested in different companies in the meat sector. It will also support the tasks of communication and dissemination of the results obtained. At the same time, digital publications will be prepared from the cluster and different workshops will be organized in different parts of the Spanish territory to publicize the project and have an impact on the European meat sector.

It is a project that lasts 4 years.

Below is the budget presented and the help requested by INNOVACC partners:

Budget Help requested
UVIC 757.250,00 757.250,00
MAFRICA 410.550,00 287.385,00
INNOVACC 76.841,25 76.841,25


And also shows the approved budget and overall aid:

Global budget: 9.429.670 €
Global help: 8.115.787,38 €