Pork exports save the sector during the Covid crisis

The pig sector is maintaining a good situation in the face of the crisis generated by the pandemic, making it clear that this sector is able to maintain itself in adverse situations. This is shown by the fact that in the first half of this year the profit margin remains high, specifically at 20 cents per kilo of live animals marketed. Thanks to this sector, jobs and economic activity are maintained at a difficult time for all countries.

One of the mainstays that support the results of the sector are exports, with high demand from China, which continues to suffer in its livestock the effects of African swine fever (PPA). The closure of the largest slaughterhouse in Germany and two in the Netherlands is also being felt due to Covid-19 problems among the staff, with a clear reduction in the number of cattle slaughtered in these countries.

One of the circumstances that could change the course of the pig sector would be precisely some setback in animal health. For this reason, the entire sector, and particularly from PORCAT, emphasizes the need to take extreme measures to prevent an outbreak of PPA.

Given that the sector remains economical, PORCAT considers that it is time to support it and avoid bureaucratic obstacles, especially caused by the implementation of the decree on the management of livestock manure.

The Association believes that, at a time when the sector is maintaining good economic results, it is necessary to invest in the modernization of farms, to make them more efficient and adapted to the new challenges. The bureaucratic hurdles, without a doubt, do not help the modernization of the sector.

News published on 23/7/2020 on the web: https://www.porcat.org/ca/noticies/l-exportacio-porcina-salva-el-sector-durant-la-crisi-del-covid_2734/