Article: How to reduce caudophagy, the danish experience of Michael Agerley

Michael Agerley, danish veterinary consultant and owner of Porcus

The Danish veterinarian answers a PORCAT interview on this issue that affects the pig sector around the world.

The Project “Sectoral strategies for the prevention of caudophagy and to avoid routine squashing in pigs” is an innovative pilot project by the Operational Groups of the European Innovation Association (AEI) in terms of productivity and sustainability agricultural, presented and approved in the 2018 call of the DARP. It is a collaborative project where the members of the consortium take on the following roles: PORCAT (leader), Selección Batallé SA, Corporación Alimentaria Guissona, SA and Granges Terragrisa, SL are the companies participating in the pilot tests on farms, IRTA is the contracted research center and INNOVACC is the coordinator.


See interview with Michael Agerley