SERVYCAT improves safety and productivity in the use of band saws


Combining the security of a computer with its productivity is a challenge within our reach

SERVYCAT industrial services company that develops its activity in the food sector and especially in the meat sector designs and manufactures equipment and accessories tailored to the needs of customers in the form of custom projects.

This fact allows us to detect, within the production processes, those equipment where improvements can be made that allow a correct optimization between the binomial SECURITY and PRODUCTIVITY.

Thus, from the observation of the operation of the use of band saws, a project was developed, transformed into a reality, which is an accessory that can be attached to said equipment that allows the following advantages:

• Drastic reduction in accidents, as the operator does not move his hands in the direction of the saw
• Increased productivity, as the mobility of the piece is done by a lower belt
• Easy placement and cleaning, all the material adapted to hygienic-sanitary regulations
• Adaptability to different pieces in shape and size

The piece of meat at all times is moved towards the saw by means of a lower belt that transports it and in its advance the established cut takes place, a posteriori the same tape acts in opposite direction returning the piece to the reach of the operator .

This way, the operator only needs to place the piece to be cut on the moving belt and wait to pick it up once the process is complete.

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