ARDEX Cemento, S.A.

Ardex Cemento/Seire Products are a company belonguin to the international group Ardex. We are specialists in the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of high-tech and high-value materials for construction.

At Ardex y Seire we have materials and solutions for all types of industrial pavements and surfaces, mortars and special cements, structural and ornamental repairs, waterproofing, insulation, ultra-fast commissioning systems, high-performance self-leveling floors, light pavements, large  formats ..

The development of our latest AB + product range: complete systems for polymeric floors and industrial surfaces with active biocidal properties, means our last big bet for the agri-food industry sector and we are sure will mean a before and after in the management and control of contamination by bacteria. Surfaces with the highest physical-chemical performance together with a unique Biocidal Effectiveness and Durability in the market.

At Ardex-Seire we also have a consulting and technical advisory department where we look for the most appropriate technical solutions for each specific problem.