Zyrcular Foods, S.L.

Ready for everything
At Zyrcular Foods new sources of protein are imagined, developed, produced, distributed and also assesed.

The vision of ZYRCULAR FOODS is to create local products within global trends and to operate as landing platform of international innovation. This challenge must be fulfiled under a sustainable, healthy, fully integrated and completely open business model.

Zyrcular Foods is eager to collaborate in B2B projects with the food industry and facilitate the adoption of new sources of protein.

Zyrcular Origins is the seal of guarantee certifying the community that operations are only carried out under the best possible practices which includes sustainability, nutrition, proximity, and the best possible working conditions.

With an agribusiness DNA, Zyrcular Foods is ready for everything. Dreaming with an integrative food system able to improve the world we will live in tomorrow Healthy, equal, sustainable and respectful For us and for those to come”



 Zyrcular Foods