CSB FACTORY ERP is the Factory Software of the Year 2020!

In the exciting final of the digital factory software congress, the company CSB-System SE received on November 23, 2020 the coveted award in the category of “Digital Factory”.

The ERP system specialized in the sector for the control of production plants has been awarded for the second time as “Factory Software of the Year”. After the group of experts of the Innovation Center Application Center Industry 4.0 in the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems of the German University of Potsdam selected the sector software in 2018 in the category of “Complete solutions”, the The jury has once again recognized CSB FACTORY ERP as an exceptional solution that enables the successful implementation of the digital factory.

The jury especially highlighted the concrete benefits for the client, the concept of horizontal and vertical traceability, Brownfield’s approach with its own Service Bus messaging, as well as communication with the client through multiple channels.

A CSB FACTORY ERP solution typically complements a Group ERP system and ensures optimal operational control of manufacturing facilities. As the main component of the digital factory, CSB FACTORY ERP digitally represents the entire primary value added chain of production and logistics within the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. The standard interfaces between the Group and FACTORY ERP guarantee a stable, flexible and integrated systems environment.

With award-winning factory software, CSB has bridged the gap between Group ERP and MES systems. Therefore, CSB FACTORY ERP not only supports classic processes of the digital factory, such as eg. ex. the management of costs and formulas, the planning of production and sales or the assurance of traceability. The industry solution also carries out the organization of the information flow between the plants, employees, machines, suppliers and customers involved in the process. On the one hand, CSB FACTORY acts as a driver for the optimal control of processes within the factory. Furthermore, it also ensures vertical and horizontal integration of the systems involved, and controls interfaces with upstream and downstream supply chain partners and other plants in the company.

With specialized hardware such as CSB Racks, CSB Vision (industrial image processing), CSB classifiers and automation solutions, CSB harmonizes the flow of goods and data, ensuring the digitization of the entire factory. Optimization algorithms, such as formula, production or route optimization, enable companies to process the data obtained in a cost-effective way.

“We are very happy with the new award. It shows us that we are successfully advancing the path of digitization together with our customers, and that we offer them solutions that they can already use today and that have already proven themselves in practice in expanding smart factories, “says Frank Braun, CSB Marketing Director. “Therefore, we especially thank the visionaries, innovators and entrepreneurs of our user companies, as well as our consultants and developers, who constantly contribute their common experience to this excellent software. “