Lab-grown chicken hits the menu with controversy and doubts

Despite the mixed reactions of consumers, both for and against, the 1880 restaurant in Singapore has been offering a menu consisting of four dishes of synthetic chicken meat for a price of 23 dollars since last December 19, which makes the Asian country is the first in the world to authorize “cellular agriculture”. That is, minced chicken meat obtained from muscle stem cells extracted from a living animal that are subsequently cultivated in steel bioreactors in order to achieve that the cells multiply in a medium that nourishes them and contains the necessary elements for their growth.

Although ‘slaughter-free meat’ is not expected to be marketed in Europe in a minimum period of two years, it is the first big step towards a new way of producing and consuming meat with great potential. Some analysts estimate that Singapore’s decision could boost the first wave of approvals around the world. But until artificial meat is allowed to be authorized as a “new food” by the US FDA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), synthetic meat must prove that it is completely safe for consumption. human.

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