The pig sector closes 2020 with an average price of 1.32 euros per kilogram

This year, each fattened pig has reported profits of between 23 and 26 euros

Despite the fall in prices compared to 2019, the pig sector closes the year with historical data for the average price in the Mercolleida fish market of 1.32 euros per live kilogram.

JARC / The emergence of the African Swine Fever has historically increased prices

The emergence of African Swine Fever has increased prices historicallyIn 2019, the emergence and expansion of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Asian continent, especially in China, caused prices to increase sharply way to reach the historical figure of 1.36 euros per kilogram live average per year, due to the value of Catalan exports. This caused the market to start up much higher than usual in 2020. At the beginning of the year, following its annual dynamics, prices rose, reaching a maximum value of 1.54 euros per kilogram in the first weeks of March, ahead of the summer months, fact that generated a climate of optimism.

With the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and the state of alarm, these values changed and, despite the fact that the pig was not one of the sectors most affected by the closure of the HORECA channel, the situation caused moments of uncertainty that resulted in falling prices in the boxes, which was dragging on the rest of the year, also affected by declining prices in the German market due to the positive PPA in its territory although exports during 2020 they remained at a higher rate than in 2019. This figure is very relevant in Catalonia, given that it exports more than 75% of its production, and therefore have been at a lower price.

According to data provided by the Department of Agriculture, the average annual profit margin for integrating, cooperative and non-integrated livestock companies was 23 cents per kilogram of live pigs. According to the organization of Young Farmers and Cattlemen of Catalonia (JARC), the average annual profit margin would be set at 20.4 cents per kilogram. In both cases, there is a very positive margin. For fattened pigs, the profit would be 26.23 euros and 23.26 euros, respectively, taking into account that the slaughter weight in Mercolleida was approximately 114.06 kilograms.

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