The continuity of the pig bonanza depends on the common sense of the sector and the involvement of the administration

Despite the fall in prices compared to 2019, caused by the pandemic, the pig sector closes with historical data, the average price in the Mercolleidaper market this 2020 has been € 1,324 / kg live.

The profit obtained by the integrator or non-integrated producers is around € 23.26 per pig. In Catalonia, but approximately 75% of Catalan producers are integrated, that is, they raise and fatten the animals for an integrator with which they agree on a price per head. This price has not changed much in recent years. In 2020 it was between € 12 and € 14 per pig, from which production costs still have to be deducted, which last year experienced an increase of 2%.

In 2019, the appearance and expansion of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Asian continent, especially in China, caused prices to rise sharply to reach the historic figure of € 1.357 / kg live of average annual quotation due to the value of our exports. Precisely this effect made us start 2020 with the market much higher than we are used to, especially bearing in mind that during the winter months the best numbers of the year do not occur, which foreshadowed some results annual, more exceptional if any, and which would improve, to a greater or lesser extent, those of the previous year.

At the beginning of the year, following its annual dynamics, prices rose, reaching a maximum value of € 1,540 / kg live in weeks 10 and 11, the first weeks of March, ahead of the months of summer, where the highest values are usually reached, which generated a climate of optimism.

But, precisely, at week 11 everything changed, with the health crisis caused by Covidien-19 and the state of alarm. Despite the fact that the pig sector has not been one of the sectors most affected by the closure of the HORECA channel, the situation caused moments of uncertainty that resulted in the fall in prices in the markets, which has dragged on during the rest of the year , also affected by the downward prices in the German market due to the positives in PPP in its territory although exports during 2020 have remained at a higher rate in 2019. This data is very relevant to Catalonia, since it exports more 75% of its production, and therefore, have been at a lower price.

All this has caused that although the average price in the Mercolleida fish market for this 2020 has been, equally historical, € 1,324 / kg live, it leaves us a certain bitterness for not having been able to reach the initial forecasts.

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