Post Covid19 European fund for tractor projects

The European Union will allocate 1.8 billion euros to rebuild post-Covid Europe19 (, it must be greener, more digital and more resilient. This investment will be distributed by the different European States, and it will be necessary to see how the internal distribution will be made. In the case of Spain, it seems that from 2021 there will be calls with a very high budget to reindustrialize or facilitate economic activities that meet these requirements of digitization, sustainability and resilience.

INNOVACC will be able to coordinate (and request aid) for cooperative projects related to Industry 4.0 (AEI 2021 line, € 28 M) and Digital and ecological transition (AEI 2022 and 2023 line, € 48 M and € 58 M respectively). We are at your service.

For investment projects of the cluster partners and other companies in the sector, different lines of help are proposed that will be adapted to the samples of interest that the Generalitat and State governments are collecting. The Chambers of Commerce are also helping to collect these proposals. Below are different options to send samples of interest (from INNOVACC we can also help you):

Ministry of Industry

They are collecting samples of interest until January 20, 2021.

You have to fill in the attached document: 201211 Ficha MDI para Min Ind

Projects must meet these requirements:

  • It must be tractor and cooperative.
  • With a leading company and an additional minimum of 5 participating entities. 40% of the participants must be SMEs. With a minimum of 1 knowledge provider participant (to carry out R&D activities).
  • It must involve a substantial part of a certain industrial value chain, with adequate territorial representation.
  • Projects with objectives: energy efficiency, improvement of process or product sustainability, activity decarbonisation, circular economy, better use of resources, digitization of the value chain.
  • Minimum budget of 40 M €.
  • With co-financing of the participants. The aid will be part of the loan and part of non-repayable aid.

According to the Ministry of Industry itself, in 2021 there will be about 200 M € of non-refundable aid and about € 500 M € of loans.

Generalitat Departments of Economy and Business

They have collected 508 projects. They want to group them into approximately 20 and present them to the State Government in January:

An Advisory Committee for Catalonia has also been created to identify and promote the projects from Catalonia that will be eligible for the Next Generation EU Funds (NGEU).

They have published a document of the destination of € 32,000 million that the Generalitat would manage from 2020 to 2032:

Chambers of Commerce

The Chambers of Commerce are also collecting samples of interest with the attached file:

Next Generation Cameras tab

The requirements that are marked are:

  1. Only investments (non-recurring expenses) that involve a structural change and have a long-term impact will be financed.
  2. Projects that contribute to the ecological transition and digital transformation will be prioritized.
  3. The European Commission seeks to finance tractor, competitive, transversal, differential projects, with transformative potential and multiplier effect, that have an impact on the economic transformation of the country.
  4. The eligible actions are: reforms (aimed at structural changes), investment in human capital, investment in tangible capital (eg infrastructures), investment in intangible capital (eg software, R & D & I, etc.) , investment in natural capital.
  5. It should be noted that the calls for aid will not come out until 2021 (2021-2023 to commit expenses and until 2026 to execute the projects).
  6. Projects started from February 1, 2020 onwards will be eligible.