27/01/2021 I Food safety workshop (online)

27/01/2021 10:00h – 12:00h Online (Teams)

In many cases bacteriological incidents are not a direct consequence of a negligence in the management of food safety control system, but due to the adaptation of microorganisms to an industrial environment that is aggressive. These incidents, which a “traditional” assurance system focused on the control and management of individual processes fails to control, need to be analyzed, addressed, and eliminated from a much more global perspective.

In this first Workshop, there will be the UAB Professor of Security, Jose Juan Rodríguez, who will act as moderator of the round table, with Raul Jesús Mesa (Senior Manager QESH Coca-Cola European), with Irene Ylla (Technical Director ITRAM), Irene Mir (Technical Specialist and Bioser Applications) and Josep Gatell (Technical Director of polymeric materials Ardex Ciment | Products Series). The main “unforeseen” risks in the industry, the latest methods of pollution control, the estimation, assessment and assessment of risk and the role that new antibacterial materials on the market are playing not only in design will be discussed. of bacteriological quality protocols if not as complementary agents in the elimination of unforeseen risks or incidents.

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