Embutidos Caseros Collell SLU new partner of INNOVACC

Since January 1, 2021, Embutidos Caseros Collell SLU has been part of INNOVACC’s new partners. Welcome to the Catalan meat cluster!

Embutidos Caseros Collell SLU, was acquired by the Cañigueral Group in November 2019. The company has absorbed from January 1, 2021 to FAR Jamón Serrano SLU (until 2020 company associated with INNOVACC).

COLLELL has been making cured sausages and hams since 1981. It has four production plants located in Les Preses and a slicing room (Sala Blanca), located in Olot. It currently has its own staff of 280 workers. The four floors have IFS and BRC certifications in three of them. We also participate as co-owners of the plant dedicated exclusively to the production of cured hams in Sant Esteve de Llémena, a plant approved for export to the United States. ”